SQL Server


A server-side software application that enables databases conformant to a relational data model to be created, managed and queried. Information, most commonly text may be stored as one or more records contained within a table. The table may exist in isolation or have some relationship to other tables. Information may be manipulated using a set of T-SQL or ANSI SQL commands. Several editions of SQL Server are available, including SQL Server Compact, Developer, Embedded, Enterprise, Evaluation, Express and Fast Track.

  • Service Broker
  • Replication Services using transaction, merge, or snapshot replication
  • Analysis functionality to perform data mining, OLAP and other services
  • Report generation services
A&H use case 1 description: 
The Dafydd ap Gwilym project used an SQL Server 2000 database to store poetry written by the 14th Century Welsh poet, Dafydd ap Gwilym.
A&H use case 2 description: 
The Beazley Archive has used Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to publish a database of Athenian figure-decorated pottery created between 626BC and 300BC.
A&H use case 3 description: 
The Italian Academies project has used Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to store and publish information on Italian Academies of the late Renaissance and early modern periods (1530-1650) and their relationship to book production, printing and publishing in this period.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Data structuring and enhancement: 
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Alternate tool(s): 

MySQL, Oracle