Posters of Conflict: The visual culture of public information and counter information

Project start date: 2003-05 Project end date: 2006-05
The project develops a resource of 10,000 images from Britain and the Commonwealth, France, Germany and Austro-Hungary selected from 15,000 public information posters in the collection of the Department of Art at the Imperial War Museum. The largest and most comprehensive collection of its type in Britain, the project documents the social, political , ethnic and cultural aspirations of these belligerent nations during two world wars. The project involves Manchester Metropolitan University and the Imperial War Museum combining their scholarly, historical and curatorial expertise to catalogue and publish on the web these 10,000 posters in the museum's collection. This internationally significant resource will be opened up to academic, curatorial and general audiences for the first time.
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2d Scanning and photographyData capture
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Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
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Still Image/Graphics
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Adobe Photoshop, DB Textworks
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The digital images and most of the related textual data are derived directly from the Imperial War Museum Poster Collection held by the Department of Art. Additional information regarding the posters and the origin of the poster collection is held by the museum in the form of ephemera and archive material and where appropriate this information is included in the database. More general information regarding the period, theme or subject of the poster and the poster design or artist is researched extensively through available resources such as specialist texts, similar collections, the internet and experts in the field both at the Museum and University.
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The recorded data for each poster can be accessed through the listed websites. Thumbnail images accompany each text-searchable record. The project's focus is on the public information poster from World War I to the end of World War II from Britain, the Commonwealth, Austro-Hungary and Western Europe and its colonies. For the first time it makes available on the net 10,000 posters in a searchable form and the database will be of relevance to academics, students and the general public interested in the History of Design, History and Politics. It will also provide an invaluable visual resource for practitioners and students of graphic design.
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Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Production of compressed JPEG files from uncompressed TIFF files for web dissemination. Generation of HTML files from XML data for web-delivery
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On-line exhibition

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Manchester Metropolitan University
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Imperial War Museum

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Principal staff member:Dr James Aulich
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