InView: Moving Images in the Public Sphere

Project start date: 2007-04 Project end date: 2009-09
InView is an in-depth resource which shows, through the juxtaposition and contextualisation of a range of materials, how public issues ‘play out’ across the media. A thematic approach illustrates how different producers and distributors of moving image content provide different voices and perspectives within national social, cultural and economic debates. The main objective of the project has been to provide access to 600 hours of digitised archive video, documents and associated resources for the enhancement of learning, teaching and research within the areas of the arts and humanities. Much of the content selected had never previously been available for general academic use. The user will be able not only to study each issue in chronological sequence, but also to compare its moving image representation by different participants in every national debate. The unique strength of the resource is that it is sourced from different collections of national importance, each carrying the voice of a different section of the polity, from public record films to Parliamentary coverage, national and regional news and campaigning films.
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2d Scanning and photographyData capture
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Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
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Moving Image, Sound, Text
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Quicktime, Adobe Flash, Windows Media Player
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Public record films, parliamentary coverage, national news broadcasts, and campaigning films.
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More than 600 hours of unique moving image materials, approximately 1,000 hours of video material and digitised contextual documents to educational communities and the public across the UK. The project digitised collections held at The BFI and The National Archive at Kew. The online resource is organised into two parts: * Britain: Economy and Citizenry: Films and television programming reviewing the UK economy, its industries, transport and agriculture, tracing the radical shifts each has undergone in the past 60 years with the advent and subsequent decline of the mixed economy consensus and demonstrating the social impact of these changes. * Britain: National Issues Material concerning the health services, education, immigration, multi-culturalism and regionalism tracking 70 years of public debate, observing both continuities and shifts in prevailing national attitudes as well as in government policies. The project also involves the digitisation of paper documents and other contextual materials currently held in controlled archival environments at the BFI or at The National Archives in Kew.
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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), pdf, H.264
Creation of delivery-quality proxy digital video copies of digitised video material for web service, creation of digital masters and delivery quality (pdf) files of all documents

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Principal staff member:Darren Long, Jeff Hulbert
Other staff:PhD student(s)
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